Compulsory personal accident insurance

Compulsory personal accident insurance
Image: Compulsory personal accident insurance

The compulsory personal accident insurance is an insurance required for the circulation of motor vehicles and for obtaining a driving license. The requirement differ between countries.

Insurance coverage

Insurance coverage
Image: Insurance coverage

The insurance covers the risks of death and physical injuries that are a direct consequence of accidents suffered by persons in which the insured vehicle is involved. Specifically, medical expenses, which include: pre-hospital care, medical transportation (transfer from the place of the accident to the nearest hospital), hospitalization, medical, surgical and dental care, prostheses, implants, pharmaceutical and rehabilitation expenses of the victims.

It protects the driver of the vehicle, its occupants and those injured as a result of the accident. The following cases of death or bodily injury are normally excluded from coverage:

  • Accidents caused by automobile racing and other motor vehicle competitions
  • Accidents occurring outside the national territory
  • Accidents occurring as a consequence of war, earthquakes, and other fortuitous cases entirely unrelated to the circulation of the vehicle
  • Suicide and all types of self-inflicted injuries


Image: Requirements

In case of a traffic accident it is necessary:

  • Leave a record at the police station closest to the accident site, indicating the license plates of the affected vehicles.
  • Individualize as completely as possible the persons injured in the accident.

Insurance beneficiaries

Insurance beneficiaries
Image: Insurance beneficiaries

The following persons may be beneficiaries of the insurance in the event of death, in the following order of precedence:

  • Surviving spouse.
  • Minor children, regardless of their filiation.
  • Children of legal age, regardless of their filiation.
  • Parents.
  • The mother of the children of non-marital filiation of the deceased.
  • In the absence of the aforementioned persons, the indemnity shall correspond to the person who proves to be the heir of the deceased.
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